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Due to personal reasons I will be disappearing under mysterious circumstances


I feel attacked


now, i know what you’re thinking

carp, why are you clearing out your ask box in the middle of the night?

well, i’ve kind of had an epiphany about tumblr: i’m only really active when i’m depressed.

i noticed i’d been using tumblr as a kind of escape from my real life whenever i was depressed or stressed out. i’d be really active for two-weeks or a couple months or whatever, and then essentially drop off the face of the earth once i started to feel better.

and that doesn’t mean i don’t love blogging here and talking to you guys about what i’m passionate about, it’s just an unhealthy form of obsession and escapism i’m trying to curb.

so for the tl;dr –

i probably won’t be super consistently active anymore just because i don’t want to have to rely on tumblr to feel like i have people who like me/care about me/make me happy. if anything, i’d want my music to do that.

sorry this is kind of a mess, just wanted to offer an explanation about my past/current weird activity. that doesn’t mean i’m going on hiatus or anything, it’s just that i’m mostly just queueing my posts now.



this dumb website is in need of some love, so reblog this if you like the person you reblogged it from!!!


quick apologies for being so spotty with my activity. honestly, with how i usually am during the summer i tend to lose motivation for a lot of stuff i care about, even if i enjoy doing it like this blog.

but that’s something i’m definitely working on. it’s the year of our lord, 20gayteen, and the year of self improvement, which includes this


shout out me adding hundreds of posts to my queue for this account in my post-work induced haze when they were supposed to go to my main one



Richard Strauss’ 1905 opera Salome (“zahl-oh-may”) about Salome and John the Baptist was so graphically violent that it was banned at the Metropolitan Opera in New York for decades. It includes incest, nudity, murder, and a dramatic scene where Salome kisses the lips of John the Baptist’s severed head.

if i'm a bottom… uh what does that mean…

if i'm a bottom… uh what does that mean? like what is the point of the alignments

i am always floored when people on tumblr don’t know what the positions are cause of…how this website is, but i’ve got a ton of asks like this sooo-

if you are like this nonny, enjoy my one and only explanation: they’re sex positions for lesbian/gay/bi/pan people in not-straight relationships, if that makes sense. (cause traditional roles don’t really apply….aha….)i dunno if that’s a good explanation, but if you want a more in depth thing you can probably find it on tumblr cause half this website is p.or.n anyhow, aha.


side note: i’m super busy this and next week with AP exams so that’s why my ask response has been bad, and it will be pretty bad continuing through next week.

sorry about that!!!

janemba: singlegrape: zoomine: A floating do…




A floating dome to let fish take a look outside the pond.



important fish news, thought you all should see it