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if i'm a bottom… uh what does that mean…

if i'm a bottom… uh what does that mean? like what is the point of the alignments

i am always floored when people on tumblr don’t know what the positions are cause of…how this website is, but i’ve got a ton of asks like this sooo-

if you are like this nonny, enjoy my one and only explanation: they’re sex positions for lesbian/gay/bi/pan people in not-straight relationships, if that makes sense. (cause traditional roles don’t really apply….aha….)i dunno if that’s a good explanation, but if you want a more in depth thing you can probably find it on tumblr cause half this website is p.or.n anyhow, aha.


side note: i’m super busy this and next week with AP exams so that’s why my ask response has been bad, and it will be pretty bad continuing through next week.

sorry about that!!!

janemba: singlegrape: zoomine: A floating do…




A floating dome to let fish take a look outside the pond.



important fish news, thought you all should see it


just fully recovered from prom weekend….didn’t know i hadn’t filled up my queue enough. anyhow, going through asks/notifications to respond to everybody now!

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📱 Show your phone lock screen and/or home screen

💕 Your two top fave fictional characters

🕹 Video game you are currently playing

🌡 Fave season

🏫 Are you in school, what grade

 🎒 Are you in college, major area of study

🏢 Your job (You don’t have to be specific) or dream job if you don’t work

📷 Post the 12th photo from your phone’s gallery

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🌐 Languages you can speak and/or are learning. Which are you fluent in

💻 Desktop/Laptop/iPad/other

📔 Do you keep a traditional diary

☠ Something that angers you

🐷 Junk food you can never get enough of

🌼 Fave flower

📺 Fave anime

🎥 Fave film

📻 Fave song currently

🎙 Can you sing

🎁 Best gift you ever received and why

👾 Do you believe in aliens

👻 Do you believe in ghosts

⛪ What is your religion

🌎 What country do you live in

📸 Post a selfie


there are so many requests for alignment help in my ask box, aha. it tends to take a sec and this weeks already been Chaotic, so if you don’t see yours soon after you sent it, it’s because i only go through and answer a few at a time


sorry i spammed you guys with asks for a bit, but i finally got through them all!

Ive asked classical-carp and they haven't…

Ive asked classical-carp and they haven't answeted me 🙁 you're more fun

@classical-carp your people need you


by the way- i made an alignments tag to keep all my top/bottom/verse and moral alignment asks and posts in the same place! so if you’re someone who’s annoyed by all the asks i get about it or if you ever want to see them all you can block/find the tag there!


to the people trying to involve me in The Discourse™️ in my ask box…. please stop, aha. if you’re looking for a debate message me privately or find another blog.