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how come every bassplayer is hot? is our cellist high or just super chill? why are the second violins rushing? is the violist section even playing? and are the first violins….ok? in this essay i wil


side note: i’m super busy this and next week with AP exams so that’s why my ask response has been bad, and it will be pretty bad continuing through next week.

sorry about that!!!


i will always appreciate you guys for reblog conf and spreading my older posts but….dear god….

i can’t escape my past…..

the notes….they Mock me


just fully recovered from prom weekend….didn’t know i hadn’t filled up my queue enough. anyhow, going through asks/notifications to respond to everybody now!


there are so many requests for alignment help in my ask box, aha. it tends to take a sec and this weeks already been Chaotic, so if you don’t see yours soon after you sent it, it’s because i only go through and answer a few at a time


the musical alignment guide

i’ve gotten a ton of asks from people who play multiple instruments asking for their moral alignment/position, and as i was slowly answering them i was both elated at how many gay/lesbian/bi musicians follow me, and overwhelmed at how many asks i got. so, i thought it’d be a good (and in retrospect, kind of awful) idea to create a tutorial on how to determine yours!

so here we have it, a pdf of my (terribly handwritten) guide!

what you can use this for:

– parties

– making friends

– showing off to your conductor

– something listed under “special skills”

– auditions (who needs to play when you can use punnet squares?)

can’t believe a chart is calling me out like t…

can’t believe a chart is calling me out like this


confess the worst thing you’ve done during rehearsal on anon


sorry i spammed you guys with asks for a bit, but i finally got through them all!


by the way- i made an alignments tag to keep all my top/bottom/verse and moral alignment asks and posts in the same place! so if you’re someone who’s annoyed by all the asks i get about it or if you ever want to see them all you can block/find the tag there!