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i will always appreciate you guys for reblog conf and spreading my older posts but….dear god….

i can’t escape my past…..

the notes….they Mock me

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the musical alignment guide

i’ve gotten a ton of asks from people who play multiple instruments asking for their moral alignment/position, and as i was slowly answering them i was both elated at how many gay/lesbian/bi musicians follow me, and overwhelmed at how many asks i got. so, i thought it’d be a good (and in retrospect, kind of awful) idea to create a tutorial on how to determine yours!

so here we have it, a pdf of my (terribly handwritten) guide!

what you can use this for:

– parties

– making friends

– showing off to your conductor

– something listed under “special skills”

– auditions (who needs to play when you can use punnet squares?)



Anyone who says musicians are entitled has definitely never been a working musician. Especially a classical musician.

If anything, the music industry is living, breathing proof that you can work your ass off, have all the right connections, have luck line up on your side, be qualified for the position, and for all intents and purposes, deserve to win the job…and still lose. A line of work that is thousands of hours of sacrifice and determination, for a 10min shot at success, only to be told “no“.

Then when you do get the no, the next day, you have to put in thousands of more hours of sacrifice. You don’t get time to be upset. You don’t get to whine and complain. You have to keep working your ass off so that you can make a living doing what you love, or at least feed yourself.

People who think we’re entitled don’t see the decades of hard work, self doubt, crippling depression, and “advice” from people telling us to have a back up plan or to get a “real” job. We’re here in spite of all that.

Trumpet or tuba?


















































Please answer guys, I’ve got money on this!




The only right answer in this is flute. Trumpet? Flute. Tuba? Flute.

amen brother. who needs brass when you can have an ensemble entirely made of flutes

Flutes ftw





clearly someone does

@tuba–god I care. 

Horns, you weirdos.

Nah, nah, nah. Y’all have this wrong. The kazoo is the best.

I vote for the soprillo sax.


@whatthechickennugget, yes





dear me. what have you done

Bassoon guys anyone who says other wise is gonna get a mysterious concussion

I’m a literal frickin god, look at my background picture. That’s me 2,500 years ago. You wanna go? Let’s go.

Bring it, Brass head.

I’m gonna say it again. I’m a god. I just broke one of your reeds and you’re not going to know which one until you absolutely need that reed.

jokes and you most of my reeds dried out last year and are already in like 4 section

Another reason that reed instruments are inferior.

bassoons are better you can just WAM slam idiots upside the head and you learn how to just scream into an instument for a minute straight without passing out which if you’re a chick is awesome b/c abduction rates.  

You’re talking to a tuba player here. Keep that in mind. Conical tubing means we need MUCH more air than anyone in brass family, and paired with the size the amount of air actually makes it impossible for smaller people to play it properly with getting light headed. Also, ours is metal and bigger, so it’s easier to hit people over the head.

ours is longer man, you wear a harness and just wham hit ppl from distances. I PLAYED TUBA. BASSOON IS BETTER. ours is wooden. less noise. easier murders

Only fake tuba players with the heart of a trumpet or woodwind wears a harness. Your virtuoso’s come a dime a dozen. It takes a true musician to master the tuba. You are clearly not a true musician seeing as you were not able to play tuba, so you reverted back to your woodwind trash. I grow bored of this vain argument mortal, I have 4 ½ hours of practice left to do today, go carve some reeds.

drum major, fight me 🙃

Bitch, I’m also drum major, fight me

Guys I’m a conductor for a drum corps. Chill please? No fight

Aw, come on, why not?

It wouldn’t be fair, that’s why

YALL. And how wouldn’t it be fair? Wait I don’t care. No fights please?


You puny mortals cannot compete.

hello naughty children please shut the fuck up

~ band-god

Just because he’s older doesn’t mean my brother get’s to tell what to do. He’s only older by 250 years anyways…

we aren’t pulling the age card we’re pulling the “remember what happened last time” card

did u even win the original bet

He did not

then why the fuck he still trying


my vote goes to the otamatone

20furiousbluebirds: classical-carp:ok, i don’…



ok, i don’t think i’ve ever related to a tweet more in my life

Semi-seriously, this is the problem with cultural elitism- not just that it shuts out works outside of its accepted canon, but it diminishes works within them. Because a lot of classical songs are good songs- but you’re not meant to listen to them as “good songs”. You’re meant to listen to them as the Greatest Works Ever Made By Human Hands That Can Only Be Understood By The Greatest Of Geniuses.
 And they don’t reach that standard.
No work of art ever made is, was, or ever will be as good as we claim classical music is, so when they are merely very good it’s a disappointment.
And with them Great Intellectual Works, we just assume we’re too dumb to get it. And no-one likes to feel stupid, so we just go with they’re elitist boring songs and that’s why we haven’t come to peace with our place in the universe after listening to Moonlight Sonata

If classical music was shown to us as just music, songs we might like or dislike just like any other, it probably wouldn’t have the stigma as boring. People who don’t like them just wouldn’t like them. But they’ve not been seen as music to just listen to in centuries. It’s no wonder no-one likes music you aren’t allow to listen to without completing a history exam to prove you deserve it.




Seriously though: in what world is it productive for musicians to tear each other down and belittle each other.  We have to fight for opportunities whether we are an orchestral player, a pit musician, an opera singer, or, like me, a freelance contemporary specialist.  Making any musician’s contribution to the art form secondary or meaningless by calling them peons, or the passage ‘doodles’ isn’t productive in any way.  One of the amazing things about music and our field is that it HAS to be collaborative.  Respecting each other and our talent is the only way our field will continue and thrive.  So yeah, there are things that need to change, but yelling at your peers and colleagues and belittling their contribution isn’t ever going to serve your purpose.  

I wholeheartedly agree with this cause as an aspiring singer who 

a) played piano as my main instrument for about 11 years

b) is dating an aspiring pianist

c) is good friends with a violist, a cellist, a flutist… (i could go on)

I can tell you that my job quickly becomes real boring without either a piano, an orchestra,  a whole damn choir of other singers (and even then there is often still a piano/orchestra, esp. when it’s not contemporary stuff).

Like I really don’t mean to throw shade at anyone here because I am certainly not in any position to, but I just think it’s so important to cherish everyone’s contribution to the community, whether or not they’re on stage.

music questions: every multiple of 4

music questions: every multiple of 4

i probably missed one for this because i’m stupid and bad at math but here we go:

4. If you were a major key, which major key would you be?
– hmmm, maybe e flat major because i hate myself? (hhh e flat major fans don’t kill me ple )

8. Favorite era or period of music?
– September 25th, 1906-August 9, 1975 (no this isn’t related to anyone in particular, why do you ask?)

12. What is that one note on your instrument that you just hate to play?
– tbh i wouldn’t say i hate any specific note unless i’m not in the mood to practice, which in that case i hate all of them aggxasghg

20. Favorite brass/woodwind/string/percussion instruments?
– i think everyone knows my favorite string instrument…aha…..but timpani are awesome to me (every time i see timpani players i get sooo jealous and i don’t know why. they’re just really cool to me). i really like the sound of the French horn and the trumpet (even if i don’t like most trumpet players), and i also really like the oboe (i almost took band to learn it instead of the violin)

28. What pieces of music help you when you’re angry?
– honestly, playing anything helps me chill out, as much as i complain about practicing just playing can put me in a good mood.

composers: a summary

vivaldi: 3 billion concertos hhaha
cpe bach: who am i
mozart: sunshine and smiles
haydn: i basically invented every single genre lol
beethoven: ANGST ANGST ANGST and triplets and going deaf
chopin: my soUL
paganini: hahhaha noobs
liszt: AHAHAHHAHA noobs
alkan: fck ur fingers lol
brahms: cLARA
schubert: im a mushroom
wagner: have a twenty year long opera lol and leitmotifs
tchaikovsky: boom boom cannons
rachmaninoff: HANDS
debussy: sevenths and modes and whole tones awww yiss
ravel: bitch please ninths elevenths quadrillionths
holst: who needs stringed instruments ha anD I HATE THE PLANETS
prokofiev: lol get out of my way conventional tonality i will modulate in one measure to f double fuckflat minor and stay there for a page
reich: rrrrererreeepepeepeppppeeeaaaeaeaeaeeaaaatattatttt
stravinsky: da da da da da DA da da
schoenberg: (/79jjsOO##jksi&@’
satie: im funny

If you're doing the ask thing: electric g…

If you're doing the ask thing: electric guitar, mandolin, harp 🙂

electric guitar: do you experience synesthesia?
– i don’t! but the concept is really interesting to me, we talked about it in psych a little and i always like reading stuff about peoples experiences with it.
harp: favorite piece you’ve played?
– probably the vivaldi concerto in g minor. an ask i got a while back reminded me of it and I forgot how much i liked it.
mandolin: who inspires you?
– my dad. he does so much honestly, he’s always go go go and he never seems tired or unhappy. he loves his job and helping the family, and he’s always been selfless, and I admire him a lot for it.