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5, 20!

already answered five!

20: A song that has many meanings to you – something that’s always made me feel better has been older music from the 40s through the 60s, and i think the epitome of that for me is Blue Moon by Frank Sinatra. it’s already a Bop because it’s from my favorite game, and it just puts me in a different state of mind. when i was a theater kid in high school, i also used it in two separate pieces (a monologue as frankey babey in one and a personal monologue for the other) and idk, it just means a lot to me


5: A song that needs to be played LOUD – i’m emo but blasting Slow Dancing in the Dark in the car by myself at night hits different

17, 29

17: A song that you would sing a duet with on karaoke – I have and will always be up for singing Take A Hint from Victorious in a duet

29: A song that you remember from your childhood – A lot of early-to-mid 2000s songs remind me of my sister and I playing split-screen Minecraft with our dinky little radio, and I think the epitome of that is Get Lucky by Daft Punk

2/2 So, she took this as "poke his sides!", which was funny the first few times, but when she continued, I told her, dead serious, that if she did it again, I'd push her out of her chair. Yeah, you see where this is headed. Later, she decided to poke me again, during a rest, and I playfully shoved her, just enough to startle her… Or so I thought. She almost left her seat, but before she could, her seat tipped. Time stopped, and I grabbed her chair leg before she fell. We're good friends now xD

she pokes you in the side and you suplex her into oblivion

but dude i feel this. when i was younger, every time people used to “tase” me in the side it would feel like that one avengers scene where bruce banner’s spirit or whatever is pushed out of hulk’s body and i would Lose my Mind

1/2 Rehearsal experiences… Well, you're in for a ride. I'm a clarinet player, and I'm in an extracurricular orchestra. In my first year, it was me and one other clarinettist. Now, since this is orchestra, we were in the back row. As band students, this was a big.. Problem. We would get bored while the strings inevitably rehearsed for 15 minutes on end. I made the mistake of telling my section mate that my sides are VERY sensitive, and people in my band like to poke them to make me jump.

(part one of two)

In response to your "confess the worst you've ever done in rehearsal" post, the worst I've ever done was spend about 15 minutes trying to figure out why my bass clarinet was squeaking for no good reason during a piece where I played the only accompaniment. I ended up accidentally turning the instrument sideways and finding that one of the side keys connected to a rod was out of place, letting the air out higher than it should have.

i’m honestly just so shook by the phrase “tuning it sideways” that i’m impressed

I went to a school that took music v seriously. In 5th grade, when we decided on instruments, my first choice was French horn. I ended up playing the flute and ~ 90% of flutists I know/worked with are such drama queens and kings. My lonely goth ass was always just so annoyed by it, which is kinda keeping me from taking playing back up (I paused for 6 years bc of a school change and becoming a therapist). I would love to play in an orchestra but I have negative emotions towards flutists :/

big brain idea: music is pretty therapeutic, so if you picked the flute back up or even started on the French horn you could consider it a career move

Nice to see you back!!!!! Im playing Korsakovs Russian Easter overture and need your orchestra content to get me through those 1st violin solos 👊😔

glad to be (somewhat-at-least-for-today) back! i’ve been inconsistently checking the app more and i honestly forgot how much fun i had when i was active

Are bass clarinets and trumpets compatible? I'm a girl and play bass clarinet and this quiet guy in my band plays trumpet. Would that be compatible?

you say this as if “quiet guy” and “trumpet player” aren’t antonyms

You guys are too obsessed with crunching stuff you need for your instruments to work, there’s not enough self care!! Drink some infused water, like me, who just drunk a full cup of reed infused water in a panic. Self care!! (In other news I feel very nauseous 🤔🤔🤔)

tying rosin to a string and steeping it like a tea bag is self care