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moz-arent isnt answering her asks so hello brother!! its me classicalcarp aka emily!!! whats up!!! how r u!!!! seems like the music memes are better than ever!!

hullo sister!! honestly, i’ve kind of been on a semi-hiatus myself, senior year is way more Chaotic than i was expecting.

but i hope you’re doing carp-tastic (sorry), we miss you!!

are french horns and trombones compatible? are french horns and french horns compatible. i need a girlfriend 🙂

french horns are fairly versatile when it comes to relationships, and honestly i’ve never met one who isn’t a sweetheart in a so-adorable-you-want-to-die long-term relationship, so i’d say yes.

whoah!! we didn't have belts or anything that's so cool–we did have recorder in 4th grade and art or an instrument in 5th grade though

that’s interesting!! i got a message telling me the belt thing was pretty common, but i wish the instrument/art thing in 5th grade was too, i think it’s a good thing to introduce kids to

i play flute! i was super keen on the violin but i hated it the instant i actually had to like. pick one up lmao in a sort of reverse to frostygiants i also played cello for a year in fifth grade bc i didn't want to be taught how to play the flute twice and play super easy music–it was pretty fun!

a lot of my friends in band were originally attracted to the violin because it’s seen as “fancy” and “prestigious” by a lot of kids when they’re first looking at instruments to learn but then got turned off by it, so that’s something i get aha

also- kinda jealous your elementary school taught cello. all we learned was the recorder

im about to go to my lesson and i havent practiced a single scale in weeks

pro tip: have scales so you don’t have to practice any

so fast forward 6 years and mom still wants me to play cello, we go around town looking for rental cellos and the EXACT OPPOSITE problem arises. Every store has the 3/4 and 2/4 but no full size cellos, so instead I took up violin, and i'm still playing a full year later. (I still don't fully trust anyone who plays flute ether) 2/2

petition to find tumblr user frostygiants a full-size cello

(also- petition to officially name flutes as the most shifty instrument)

Its not the most interesting story but here goes: In 5th grade my mom wanted so badly for me to play cello, but being a kinda shitty middle school orchestra they didn't have one in my smol child size. So instead I tried flute and hated it so much that I didn't make it to the end of year with it (hellish black magic instrument are all that flutes are to me) 1/2

(i’ll comment after part twooo)

Frustrated and still needing to choose an instrument, I angrily threw up my hands and said I could play… the violin, or whatever, Y'know, the orange wood box that sounds kinda cool. My parents tried to persuade me out of it (they knew a bad violin player sounds awful) ("If you HAVE to play a string instrument… about the viola instead?") but I could actually make a sound come out of the violin and I stuck with it. I've been playing now for 6+ years. Once you go violin. you can't go back (2/2)

petition to call flutes “silver tubes” and violins “cool orange boxes.”

I was actually supposed to play the flute! My mom decided that because my brother and I were so good at whistling (it's the only talent I have lmao), she'd have us play the clarinet and the flute, respectively. We went to the music shop to browse n rent the instruments, and… while my bro fit perfectly w/ the clarinet, I couldn't make a single sound come out of that frickign silver tube. Or the clarinet. (1/2)

(gonna comment after part 2)

Hey Carp, do you know any classical pieces with titles or lyrics involving rabbits or hares? Honestly, anything between the years 1200 and 1900'll do. Instrument combo's don't matter. Fuck me up.

honestly the only thing i can think of is Peter (rabbit) and the Wolf