the music library filing system: we are missing all of the bass parts for our string quartets!!!

me: there are no bass parts in a string quartet.

the music library filing system: exactly!!! please find them!!!



I just want to point out

mahler’s height.

ive been dying over this for 3000000 yrs now

hes shorter than alma (at least in this picture)

according to a friend’s estimate he couldn’t have been taller than 5’3”

girl I’m 5’3” like

just…… … . . lookit him i….… .

he a s m o l b o i

gustav… smoler



Girl: come over


Guy: I can’t I’m playing with Daniel Barenboim

Girl: I just bought Simon Rattle’s complete Beethoven symphonies and scores to go with it. 





Winter is coming. Let’s put another viola in the fire, cuddle up and have some tea.

drinking some rosin tea with a loved one by the viola fire

how it feels to play viola when you’re a violi…


met-musical-instruments: Violoncello, Musical…


Violoncello, Musical Instruments

Gift of Nat and Yanna Brandt, in memory of Sophie Kroyt, 1983
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Medium: Wood, metal



Teacher: *counting rhythms*

Student: *messes up*

Student: *increasingly frustrated noises*

During and after Day Before Us concert in Pari…

During and after Day Before Us concert in Paris suburbs. Notre-Dame de l’assomption, Chatou.


now, i know what you’re thinking

carp, why are you clearing out your ask box in the middle of the night?

well, i’ve kind of had an epiphany about tumblr: i’m only really active when i’m depressed.

i noticed i’d been using tumblr as a kind of escape from my real life whenever i was depressed or stressed out. i’d be really active for two-weeks or a couple months or whatever, and then essentially drop off the face of the earth once i started to feel better.

and that doesn’t mean i don’t love blogging here and talking to you guys about what i’m passionate about, it’s just an unhealthy form of obsession and escapism i’m trying to curb.

so for the tl;dr –

i probably won’t be super consistently active anymore just because i don’t want to have to rely on tumblr to feel like i have people who like me/care about me/make me happy. if anything, i’d want my music to do that.

sorry this is kind of a mess, just wanted to offer an explanation about my past/current weird activity. that doesn’t mean i’m going on hiatus or anything, it’s just that i’m mostly just queueing my posts now.