now, i know what you’re thinking

carp, why are you clearing out your ask box in the middle of the night?

well, i’ve kind of had an epiphany about tumblr: i’m only really active when i’m depressed.

i noticed i’d been using tumblr as a kind of escape from my real life whenever i was depressed or stressed out. i’d be really active for two-weeks or a couple months or whatever, and then essentially drop off the face of the earth once i started to feel better.

and that doesn’t mean i don’t love blogging here and talking to you guys about what i’m passionate about, it’s just an unhealthy form of obsession and escapism i’m trying to curb.

so for the tl;dr –

i probably won’t be super consistently active anymore just because i don’t want to have to rely on tumblr to feel like i have people who like me/care about me/make me happy. if anything, i’d want my music to do that.

sorry this is kind of a mess, just wanted to offer an explanation about my past/current weird activity. that doesn’t mean i’m going on hiatus or anything, it’s just that i’m mostly just queueing my posts now.