pastel-pianist: Hello, Everyone! I can’t belie…


Hello, Everyone! I can’t believe I actually went and did it! It took a whole weekend (plus my brother came all the way from Florida to see me and my family so that was a distraction Lol😂😅), but I’ve finally finished my Leakira “Defenders of Tomorrow” theme song!
Tell me what you all think! I’m so excited about it!😆🌟

PS, sorry about the shaky camera! While I was recording there was a storm outside so I had to keep turning to different sides of the piano to block the noise😅and for any person that watches and is confused, this is a recording that I finished this morning! My piano has a feature with storage for me to record about 5 songs onto the actual piano, so that’s why I’m holding a camera and not playing.

Anyways, I hope anyone from the Leakira/Klance fanbase appreciates my creation and I’m looking forward to doing more theme-based music like this for this fandom in the future! Byeeee!😆