Hey, awesome person who likes Manwë, woul…

Hey, awesome person who likes Manwë, would you please share more of your headcanons about him?

THANK YOU FOR ASKING ME THIS! I LOVE to talk about him (as you may suspect). <3

I’ll split this into two parts, one canon!Manwë part, one modern AU!Manwë part.


– Manwë’s marriage to Varda was the first marriage between two Ainur. I don’t think their marriage was anything like a human marriage with rice and rings and all that, it was way more abstract and beautiful. Just imagine two beings of Light interweaving their feäs for the first time and you’ll get the picture. 

– I don’t care what Tolkien says, my Ainur do have a sex drive. Some Ainur may choose not to have sex, but this doesn’t mean all of them avoid getting physical. My Manwë isn’t the most sexual being you’ll encounter, but once he really loves someone, he does love to get intimate from time to time. 

– Canonically, the Ainur don’t have to eat and I tend to follow Tolkien on this. However, my Manwë does like to eat sometimes, especially ‘light’ foods, such as fruit, nuts, yoghurt… He also loves to drink alcohol and smoke. (I’ve talked about Manwë’s self-destructive habits before.)

– Manwë’s wardrobe is huge. The Eldar often gift him clothing and he enjoys every piece he receives. I have this weird headcanon that the Eldar use Manwë as their own ‘fashion experiment’, i.e. they gift him clothing that follows the latest Amanyar fashion trends and look whether it works on him or not. Manwë doesn’t particularly care about his looks, so he wears everything he’s gifted. (Varda’s often amused.)

– Re: Manwë’s relationship with Eönwë, I’ve seen headcanons floating around about how their relationship was very cold and formal compared to Melkor’s relationship with Sauron. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I heavily disagree with such an interpretation. Although Manwë is Eonwë’s King and Lord (and Eönwë never ever lets himself forget his own position vis-à-vis Manwë), I do think that a very close friendship grew between them, one that transcended their formal relationship as liege and herald. (Plus, I don’t understand how one can consider Manwë as a colder and less loving Lord than Melkor, but, lol, that’s another story.)

– I think that, at a certain point, Manwë was the only person whom Melkor could still love to some extent and if there were anyone who could bring Melkor back to the Light, it would be Manwë. 

– Manwë and Melkor get another chance at being brothers in Arda Healed/Unmarred. Fight me on this. 

Modern AU!Manwë:

– Composes neoclassical music.

– Has a frenemy relationship with Fëanor. From time to time, Fëanor invites Manwë for coffee/tea in order to scream at him. (Mmm, maybe, I should’ve put this one under the canon!Manwë headcanons, lmfao.)

– Has two degrees, one in meteorology and one in music.

– Is Melkor’s younger twin.

– Manwë and Melkor’s mother died shortly after their birth.

– Lives in the family mansion with his father and Varda.

– Loves to cook, but isn’t very good at it. Varda’s charmed anyway. 

– Birdwatching is Eru and Manwë’s way to connect. Consequently, Melkor hates birds. Duh.