Classical music has always been widely used in films, both as simple background music and as a key element. Here are the most “used” composers in cinematic history:

  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1327 films)
  2. Richard Wagner (1222 films)
  3. Ludwig van Beethoven (1219 films)
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach (1208 films)
  5. P. I. Tchaikovsky (944 films)
  6. Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (904 films, mostly in reference to the Wedding March)
  7. Frederick Chopin (875 films)
  8. Johann Strauss II (870 films)
  9. Franz Schubert (690 films)
  10. George Gershwin (673 films)
  11. Gioacchino Rossini (667 films)
  12. Giuseppe Verdi (652 films)

Note: the list is dated May 31st 2017 and may not be perfectly accurate in regard to the number of films per composer. Source: IMDb