me whenever i have a cold: i can’t remember the last time i could breathe out of my left nostril…it must have been 14 years ago when i was a child on the was simpler back then….. i remember the sound of the creek over by that big rock.. when papa came home from the town bearing fresh yeast for ma to make bread with, i breathed in the crisp fall air through both nostrils before heading into the kitchen, where i could smell all of our spices 

Don’t know that feeling. When younger I was so sickly my parents bought me a coffin

Oh no, did they? How macabre…

Oh Lulu! You do not know how often near I came to the final appointment. When 18 and ill, my obituary announce was published in Paris

Oh dear Franz; the more I hear, the more your childhood seem like a sad and harsh one!

As I recall, Fryderyk experienced something similar; rumours spread in Warsaw in the winter of 1835/36 that he was dead, which was one of the reasons that his wedding with Maria Wodzińska was cancelled


a shame