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ok, i don’t think i’ve ever related to a tweet more in my life

Semi-seriously, this is the problem with cultural elitism- not just that it shuts out works outside of its accepted canon, but it diminishes works within them. Because a lot of classical songs are good songs- but you’re not meant to listen to them as “good songs”. You’re meant to listen to them as the Greatest Works Ever Made By Human Hands That Can Only Be Understood By The Greatest Of Geniuses.
 And they don’t reach that standard.
No work of art ever made is, was, or ever will be as good as we claim classical music is, so when they are merely very good it’s a disappointment.
And with them Great Intellectual Works, we just assume we’re too dumb to get it. And no-one likes to feel stupid, so we just go with they’re elitist boring songs and that’s why we haven’t come to peace with our place in the universe after listening to Moonlight Sonata

If classical music was shown to us as just music, songs we might like or dislike just like any other, it probably wouldn’t have the stigma as boring. People who don’t like them just wouldn’t like them. But they’ve not been seen as music to just listen to in centuries. It’s no wonder no-one likes music you aren’t allow to listen to without completing a history exam to prove you deserve it.

And what makes that even worse is the fact that a lot of classical music (ie Mozart) literally was the pop music of the time. It was written to be accessible to the average listener, super easy to consume. I just hate that it’s become a mark of cultural elitism