a-little-prelude: Practice Journal 📑 12/03/1…


Practice Journal 📑


German Dance No. 9 in E flat major – Beethoven

Days left: 294

Pieces learned: 6

Here is my next piece which is another one of Beethoven’s German dances. This piece is my favorite of Beethoven’s 12 German dances, it’s a classical era piece and I think it’s a grade 4 RCM level. I have seen it being played fast or slow but I prefer it played at a slower tempo.

I have been practicing this piece for about 2 weeks now and I really pushed myself in the past few days learning this piece and I really enjoyed it, it got me thinking that I could definitely be practicing new pieces for a least an hour a day and have my pieces at a much higher standard. I am happy with how the piece has turned out although towards the end you can see that I’m a little hesitant.

“A German dance is a dance for couples in quick triple time, popular in South Germany and Austria in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and schubert all wrote many sets of such pieces. The original orchestral versions of Beethoven’s 12 deutsche Tänze, Woo 13, which no longer survive, belong to his early period in Vienna (1792-1802). They were written for public, social occasions, whereas the later (c.1800) authentic piano arrangements, which still exist, were intended for private use in the home.”