My naym is trombet

And when condoctr ousside

I get my trommbt

An honk mey slyde

Wodonds don’t lik mey playe

When condroctur amiss

Bt i do anaway

I playe a gliss

i can’ t

my naem is celo

and from viivalde i qwot,

“whn i ned to do celo

i jus giv them an 8 nohte”

sumtime he giv us solo

an we all jump 4 joy

but teh solo iz mad of 8 noht too

an so we h8 that boy

my naem is basoon

weisenborne is god

i only play clazicle

bc mie sound is so odd

not 2 soun snobbie

but bande muzic suks

my parts are jus tuba

it maeks me sound leik duckz

My naem is pinano

I go ping ping ping

I only get payd

To plae whil sumwun sing

It hard tu kep up

Wit a half-wit soloist

But it prob iss much bettr

Than beeng an oboist

My naym is vylyn

An I go skree-skree

I get the solow

But you al hayt me

I praktys a lot

Sow I’l be furst chayr

And then wyn you’re sharpe

I’ll yel “veolas! you ther!”

Mah neym iz floot

I go phffffffff phfffff

An look lik a sewer toobe

I’m always outta tune

So condoctor get mad

But at leest I’m not like them

My lil siblin peeccoloh

mai naem is ooboob

I go honk quack squreakch

I alwais git solowe

I alwais playy wrung not in solowe

Reds neber werk

I hafe too reds

becuase im betr then yu

mai naem is klarmynet

i go sqwak sqek

nu one cin heer me

is nevr mai falt wen i sqek

is mai reds falt

i am blak styk of deth

fite meh

my neim‘s compose

and wen i haf

the inspyretion

to wrait staff

i brek your hands

i slop tha notes

yu ar my fans

yu haet me loads