thanks @secretstradivarius for tagging me in this one! 😀

relationship status: Sad (single)

favorite colors: a dark red/maroon, navy blue, and black.

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick (but tbh- lipstick looks really cool on the people who wear it. i just personally wouldn’t want to.)

last song: whatever the theme is to the telltale batman series i guess? (i’ve been playing a lot of video games lately….practice who?)

last movie: The Greatest Showman…. was kind of disappointed with it honestly.

top three shows: it’s always sunny in philidelphia, the office, and american horror story (but only season two…. it’s the only one i absolutely loved)

top three ships: hmm, not a fan of the whole shipping-real-people thing but 1) me and procrastination 2) chocolate and peanut butter 3) the millennium falcon (i mean… it’s a space ship but it’s still a ship right?)

i’m tagging @shosty-induced-migraine @tuba-jesus @moz-arent @violapianolife @back-to-bassics (if you guys haven’t done it yet but want to) and anyone else who wants to do this!