alphabet tag

thanks to @back-to-bassics for tagging me! these are always fun.

a- age: 16

b- birthplace: michigan

c- current time: 11:00am

d- drink you last had: water

e- easiest person people to talk to: my closest friends

f- favourite song: wiped out by the neighbourhood

g- grossest memory: i was on stage for a book competition in fifth grade and got nervous, i ran off and got sick on the enemy team’s sign.

h- horror yes or horror no: yes!!

i- in love?: with my violin

j- jealous of people?: sometimes, it depends on how i’m feeling (whether i’m depressed or insecure or something)

dunno where the k is

l- love at first sight or should I walk by again: walk by again. love at first sight isn’t real love.

m- middle name: lee

n- number of siblings: two

o- one wish: that all my friends and family are mentally and physically healthy for the rest of their lives.

p- person you called last: one of my friends who moved.

q- question you are always asked: isaac….where did you go? (confrontation is… not my strong suit.)

r- reason to smile: my friends love and support me, and i’m never alone, even when i feel like i am.

s- song you sang last: can’t remember specifically…. it would have been when i was driving home from school but i haven’t done that since last tuesday.

t- time you woke up: 10:30 am

u- underwear colour: black (this is….a weird question)

v- vacation destination: i want to go around Europe and visit where some famous composers lived and experience the culture

w- worst habit: i fidget with my own a lot, and if i get anxious it tends to fly out of my hand…which is awkward and only makes me more anxious

x- rays: my wrist when i sprained it when i was 9, then my head when my dad thought i got a concussion when i was 11, then my teeth when i got braces at 13.

y- your favourite food: mashed potatoes…..yum

z- zodiac sign: gemini

another fun one! i’m not sure who has or hasn’t done this, but i tag @secretstradivarius @shosty-induced-migraine and anyone else who wants to do this!