what’s your worst instrument disaster story?

for example, when i was in seventh grade my orchestra class and the band class went on a field trip to an assessment where the awards ceremony was at an amusement park, and it happened when we were on the bus ride home (it was a normal school bus so we had to keep our instruments with us in the seats). i was sharing a funnel cake with my friend who was in band and she asked if she could see my violin. i (somehow) didn’t notice that my hands were covered in powdered sugar and chocolate from the funnel cake. long story short, i almost screamed when i noticed and it took the entire weekend to get that off because we ended up accidentally smearing it all over with napkins.

reading this physically hurt me

i was at a music camp this past summer that was like an 8 hour drive from my home, and on the final concert day (which my parents and grandparents drove up to see) two of my most used harp strings snapped and there was only like 3 hours until the concert. lots of fun and lots of tuning ://

i can assure you my mun’s story was worse 

prepare yourselves 

so several years ago, the owner of a renowned violin shop offered her three violins to try out for a week. two of them were german violins, and the third one was a french violin. all three of them had pretty decent sound quality when she tried them out at the shop itself. so she asked “may i try out these three violins at home? :D” the owner smiled and he said “feel welcome to”, so she happily took them home. flash forward several hours later. it was practice session.

here’s the twist. the moment she took the french violin up to her chin, it litERALLY EXPLODED IN HER FACE.


the fingerboard flew off, the bridge snapped, and all of the strings snapped out of their rightful places all at once, with the e string slapping her square on the forehead. 

she was utterly devastated. 

of course, her parents (including herself) took it back to the shop the very next day.

if you think your instrument stories were bad, my mun’s story can probably help you feel better about yourselves (and your instruments of course). be glad that you guys still had a better time than her |D

lesson learned: don’t trust anything french, my friends.